THE! THOMAS! WILSON!!! Born of a paper maker and a painter as if through a divine union between Odin and Gaea, he was sent to this mortal plain to help save humanity from the drab and mundain. Illustrating since a cub, TTW has spent his life honing his craft and artistic eye. After seeing a drawing of his published in Thrasher magazine as a teen, TTW aquired the addiction of seeing his work in print for all to see and decided that is what he must do with his life. Whilst on his journeys he also trained in Graphic Design and New Media in the village of Bellingham, Washington at Western Washington University to provide more opportunities for the work to be seen. He now resides in the hamlet of Portland, Oregon and has worked as an Art Director at an advertising agency, and as a Graphic Designer with an in-house marketing team for an international workforce provider. Currently TTW provides many different design and illustration solutions for many other clients under THE THOMAS WILSON brand.

TTW can provide illustrations, graphic design for ads, catalogs, brochures, booth graphics, direct mail, websites, packaging, clothing and more as well as present to clients and lead teams on projects.

Providing solutions to a client's design issues is his goal in every project.

If you have any inquiries about work or just pleasant comments then send TTW an intertron message via the electronic mail of your choice at .

1st published art: envelop art of the Ben Davis monkey skateboarding in Thrasher Magazine